Sailing so easy your granny could do it!

The Kiwi Blokarts UK Experience


Whether you are an active sailor already, or completely new to windsports  we welcome you to join this sailing revolution, we know you’ll enjoy the ride.


There's not many places you can book a Blokart session for individuals, families and groups so we are proud to offer packages for 30 minutes through to all day, so you can really get a feel for what makes so many people get the Blokart grin.


What better way to 'Try Before You Buy'.

However, we don't believe in the hard sell. We let the product sell itself while you're enjoying sailing around only inches off the ground experiencing the feeling of speed, with no engine noise!

Easily found in the Midlands we should be your first point of call for all Blokart training, hire and sales.

Being mobile allows us to visit an approved venue near you or you can visit us at our base venue near Silverstone, the British home of Fomula 1.

We are easily accessible from London, Birmingham, Coventry, Northampton and Leicester.

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